The Latest: A New Medium

Art expressions combining digital manipulation with my drawings and paintings.

Golden Leaves Poster For You!

Before the leaves vanish
and the tree branches go bare,
You can send this poster to your friends
as a reminder of the glories of Autumn… and YOU!

One favor for this freebie, Let me know if you download this and share with your friends!

Your FREE poster is available for download above.

Click the image to download an 8.5″x11″ digital copy of ‘Golden Leaves’ to print at home and send to your friends.

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The Ship is Sailing With My Art!

It’s official, The Costa Cruise line commission for two back lit murals, adorning the newest ship FAVOLOSA is installed and sailing the open waters!

The two murals are, WEAVER OF RAINBOWS and SAILING BY MOONLIGHT. (Featured Below)

In future news, the ‘Four Seasons of Motherhood’ booklet will soon begin print production and will be available for order. You won’t have to wait till mothers day!

© Helen Webber, 2011

Two Magical Women Ready for Sea Adventures

The Costa Cruise line commission for two (5.5′ x 6′) back lit murals, adorning the newest ship FAVOLOSA is finished!

The second mural, WEAVER OF RAINBOWS, completes the pair.

(Last week I showed you the fIrst: SAILING BY MOONLIGHT)

Now this fabulous pair of women, sailing through sea and sky, will accompany the Favolosa passengers, inspiring their own magical sea voyage.

Weaving With Rainbows, © Helen Webber, 2011

Weaving With Rainbows, © Helen Webber, 2011
Click Image to enlarge.

Weaver of rainbows
Sings songs to the creatures of sea and sky.
Her music welcomes the sun.

Tessitore di arcobaleni
Canta canzoni per le creature del mare e del cielo.
La sua musica dà il benvenuto al sole.

Sailing by Moonlight, © Helen Webber, 2011

Sailing by Moonlight, © Helen Webber, 2011
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She is of the sea and sky.
She holds the moon.
She tells secrets to the stars.

Lei è del mare e del cielo.
Possiede la luna.
Racconta segreti alle stele.

Art That Sails the Seas…

Sailing by Moonlight, © Helen Webber, 2011

Sailing by Moonlight, © Helen Webber, 2011 – Click image to Enlarge.

Check out this back lit mural for Costa Cruise Lines newest ship FAVOLOSA.

This is one of two 5’x6′ panels that will glow like stained glass with back LED lighting, placed in two recessed walls leading to a large and dramatic theatre (that figures).

Let me know if you are interested in details about the mixed media technique I used for this project. Believe it or not, this approach is not so far removed from my fabric collage tapestries.

A New Years Wish

Love Bird

Click image to enlarge. © Helen Webber, 2011

Click image to enlarge.

Here’s a new year wish
for all the children everywhere:

May they thrive
and grow their imaginations,
fly with brave wings
higher and higher
touching the clouds.
whispering to the stars
dancing with the moon,

May the sun shine on their
glorious faces.
May they be the music
for all of us.

© Helen Webber, 2011

Dreams are Dancers

Click image to enlarge

are dancers that  dance with  time,
dawdling over shadows of the past.

They rise and  float above many rivers
whose depths I have never tested.

But in the rivers’ shimmering currents
I see  reflections of many faces
wavering and fractured
those faces I’ve  never forgotten.

Copyright ©2010 – Helen Webber

Take Some Time To Celebrate What We Believe In


Click image to enlarge.
© Helen Webber, 2010

Come celebrate the tenth anniversary
of the EARTH CHARTER movement.

global sustainability
universal human rights
economic justice
respect for nature
and a world of peace

Don’t give up…KEEP ON TRUCKIN’
a valid slogan from the 60’s.

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detail from Alice’s Palace

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Everyone Is A Poet

The neighbor  boy strolled onto my porch.
while I was reading and eating breakfast on a day that was perfect
for lazing around.  It was Sunday.
And it was perfect as I said.
Just a slight breeze.

He was, I guess about nine.
Of course I knew that he was wise beyond his years
probably wiser in some
secret way than
my 80 plus years.

His skin was soft, and his fingernails were dirty
Im reading some poems by kids,I told him.
Do you like poetry? I asked

He sat down at the table with his chin in his arms
He closed his very large eyes.
His feet couldn’t reach the floor.
He swung them back and forth
to a slow dreamy rhythm.

I am a poem, he said finally,
taking a grape from the bowl on the table

After a long silence between us,
he said, and so are you
with your African bathrobe
and your wrinkled skin all over
and your ten million memories
that poke into your thoughts at strange times.

I couldn’t breath while his words
tumbled out of his soft whispering

More silence.
I was afraid to break into his ideas
with my  grown up phrases of praise for his  his wisdom.

Then he said everybody is a poet
or else they are a poem.
Or both.

Are you a poem or a poet? I asked.

He looked away.
Both, he said.
Is that your cat? he asked, noticing Marco Polo
stalking a squirrel in the yard.

Without waiting for my reply
he  climbed off the porch
and ran after the cat
who disappeared into the deep grass.

© Helen Webber, 2010